Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Crooks and Liars » Bush’s Unpopularity Making It Hard For GOP Candidates

Crooks and Liars » Bush’s Unpopularity Making It Hard For GOP Candidates

Life must be hard for a republican candidate. I think that the republican party is now where the Democratic party was in 1996. Defeated and unsure about where they made the mistake. With an unpopular president in office, and uncertain about the future of the party they have little that is going to hold them together as they move towards 2008. Looking at the Field of candidate for 2008 is a clear example of this dilemma. The Democrats made a mistake in becoming the party of against, and while it has gained them this election it will fail in the long run. I am not saying that Democratic values are failures, but like revolutionaries, you can only be against the power - until you are the power, then you have to act. If they do not find action and purpose that brings them together as a party they will fail.

My real fear is that we are falling into a cycle of power. One party will rule, and in the process of that rule power will be abused and rules will be broken. The party out of power will rally the public against the party in power and win power for themselves. That party quickly takes on the same abuses and violations of the party that was thrown out. The out party then uses the same campaign against abuse to gain power back, which they in turn abuse.

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