Friday, May 11, 2007

Tom - Home - France Wises Up

Tom - Home - France Wises Up:

"Six months ago Johnny Hallyday, the “French Elvis,” announced that he was
taking up Swiss citizenship to escape France’s high tax rates, which absorbed
about two-thirds of his income. Because Hallyday was known to be a supporter of
then-candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, a political row immediately burst out. Showing
some political courage, Sarkozy did not disavow Hallyday; instead he declared
that the singer was quite justified. If he won the election, said Sarkozy, he
would cut tax rates to entice France’s high earners back home."

It is hard to argue with the point that Ayn Rand made years ago, that when you are taxing someone you are taking away money that they earned. If you are to make this an honest transaction the person who is giving the tax should get something from it in return. When we pay for police and fire with taxes, all the tax payers gain for the increased security and protection. There are ways that both parties spend tax dollars that will return minimal or no value to those who pay the taxes.

Sarkozy has talked about lowering taxes and re-establishing friendship with America, this is why the conservative blogs have been so happy about him winning.

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