Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Patreaus to testify on September 11th, because of Dems?

Patreaus to testify on September 11th, because of Dems?

This is Congressional testimony we're talking about. The Bush Administration has
assumed quite a few extra-constitutional powers with its. unitary-executive
power grabs, but one power it most definitely has not grabbed is the power to
schedule Congressional testimony. The calendar is still in the hands of
Congress and, specifically here, the Senate Armed Services Committee. Or
to put a finer point on it, Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin.

I reported a couple days ago about the testimony from Patreaus to be held on Sept 11th and how I thought it was a poor choice of days for it to be done on. At the time I had thought that the administration has chosen that date to press their case with a stronger tone. However this points out that it isn't the president that schedules these things but congress. In this case a Democrat in congress - just what was he thinking?

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