Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sisyphus Shrugged - oh, for crying out loud.

Sisyphus Shrugged - oh, for crying out loud.:

"The Governor strongly disavowed the statement by the supporter, but that wasn’t
enough for Brownback. He continued to cry about it. The irony is that unlike
Senator Brownback, I have been a Catholic my entire life, as have several of the
senior staff members in the Huckabee campaign. Governor Huckabee enjoys strong
support from Catholics and for good cause. If Senator Brownback wants to start
apologizing for inappropriate things said, perhaps he could pull the “beam out
of his own eye before taking the speck out of someone else’s” by apologizing for
the website ‘Baptists for Brownback’ that states that Hillary Clinton, Barack
Obama, Fred Thompson and others are ‘Hell bound..."

This is a great moment in the middle of a dust up at the bottom of the Republican campaign. I still wonder if they are scrapping to not be in last place, there is little chance that either is going to win.

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