Monday, December 17, 2007

American Thinker: Be Wise on Kosovo

American Thinker: Be Wise on Kosovo:

"Underlying all of this is a not-so-hidden agenda: an anticipated so-called
diplomatic dividend for pleasing the Muslim world. A prominent US legislator
declared over the summer that granting Kosovo its independence would please the
Muslim world and would show that America is not anti-Islamic. The Kosovo affair
has this assumed extra importance in this precarious post 9/11 era, as a token.
But it risks kindling a chain reaction of explosive crises around the world."

There is a certain amount of wisdom in not intruding into the affairs of other nations like this. The killing has stopped, and if it starts again it should be dealt with. What the hopes of a nation like Kosovo, that has never been independent are, I don't know. A small country, at odd with is closest neighbors is going to need support from the international community. Somehow I feel like the west is breaking up a household, over a spoiled child. A household, that would be stronger if the problems were resolved - and make the whole region stronger.

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