Sunday, November 16, 2008

President's can't use e-mail

This seems really strange to me. it is undersandable that he shouldn't e-mail about matters of state, he should be able to e-mail his friends.
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Gotta Give Up The E-Mail Ghost

Before he comes to office, a president has to give up his e-mail
account. For the likes of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, that wasn't
much of an issue, but for our recent presidents, it's an anguishing and terrible
thought. As president-elect Obama parts with his BlackBerry, he'll have to learn
how to deal with not being able to rag on other players in his fantasy
basketball league. Jeff Zeleny's NYT story
about president e-mail e-mail today also contains George W. Bush's sad 2000
shout-out to his electronic homeboys:

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