Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jessie Jackson Jr. may have been working with Feds

This is an interesting twist in an already interesting story.
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Report: Jesse Jackson Jr might have helped the feds take down Blago

Curiouser and curiouser. ABC Chicago claims he’s been working with investigators since last summer on Blago’s attempt to trade state funding for an airport Jackson was championing in exchange for control of the airport’s board. That doesn’t prove JJJ wasn’t involved in the pay-to-play scheme for the Senate seat, but it does mean he’d have to have been an even bigger moron than Blagojevich to try something dirty knowing that Fitzgerald was closing in. Which, needless to say, is unlikely. Also needless to say, the feds are hanging him out to dry by not confirming his assistance. His reputation’s taken enough of a hit that he’s probably out of the running for Obama’s seat unless they step up and rehabilitate him. What’s the hold up if Blagojevich has been arrested?

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