Monday, February 16, 2009

Who could it be?

Brad and Angelina? Jennifer Lopes and Marc Anthony?
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"He'd been cheating on her for years. She had his babies, she endured the other
women, she let him back in the door every time he ran away, only to come
slinking back with apologies. For a while now though he has stayed at home. More
mature, done with that life, he's now completely committed to her, ready to take
the next step… Problem? It's her turn to be unfaithful. And not only with a
random but with someone he knows. More importantly, someone he trusts. Worse –
it's no secret. They're all aware, all around them, except for him. And everyone
is bracing for drama. Because what started as a purely physical affair has
turned into one sided love. The other man wants more, is willing to fight for
it, putting her in the middle. He's threatening to blow it all wide open, she's
begging him to calm down, but he's pressuring her to come clean.
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