Thursday, May 31, 2012

For the White House, a Wary Wait as Syria Boils -

For the White House, a Wary Wait as Syria Boils -

 "Just as strife in the former Yugoslav republic confounded first President George Bush and then his successor, Bill Clinton, the bloody crackdown in Syria — underscored by last week’s massacre of children and other villagers — has put Mr. Obama in a deeply uncomfortable position. With American troops only recently withdrawn from Iraq and still in Afghanistan, the president is loath to engage in new military actions, especially one with few advocates, even among human rights groups. And yet with each passing incident, the scale of the crisis grows."
We don't need to invade the country, we just need to eliminate the forces that are threatening and killing civilians. Air power is an imperfect model, but in Libya it worked in conjunction with allied groups on the ground fighting for independence. If we can target and kill threats in Yemen, then why cannot we use the same technology in Syria?

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