Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Spin Zone

ABC News: A Daughter Who Succeeded, a Son Who Found Trouble

Surfing around YouTube today I have found an alarming trend. There are a number of videos that appear to have been highly watched, that are very racist. One calls the shooter an invader and lists a number of incidents that have been crimes by what appear to be Korean men. As sad as the deaths of these students is, it will be even sadder if this is turned into a racial issue.

The first thought I had when I heard about the shootings was, please don't let this be a black/white race issue. With the end of the Duke case and the Imus scandal in the news, I knew another incident would be too much. While I hate to put it in these terms, the fact it was an Asian was at first good news for me.

My fear now, is how much of the racial tension around the recent incidents spreading to other races. I would hate to see the energy that has been held by some on the immigration issue, and the general race climate in this country to spark anti-Asian or Anti-Korean sentiments.

I would like to remind everyone that even with this crime, the vast majority of school shootings have been white and not black or Asian. To be honest I don't understand the logic in going on the attack racially in this case. Not understanding it is what scares me, because it makes me think this is a backlash caused by fear. I implore those of you reading this who may think I am wrong about this not being a racial issue, to think really hard about what I am saying.

If we don't embrace each other, all races, and heal from this violent act. If instead we turn to violence to defend ourselves from an enemy that isn't there. If we go down the road of violence, more innocent people will be hurt.

(note: The Videos are on YouTube, I will not post them to this blog because I will not support such hatred in fashion)

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