Thursday, April 19, 2007

Could it be True?

Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes Split - The Press Has Their Fingers Crossed

In a relationship in which they are discussed it is made out to seem like they are on the edge of a divorce, the fact that the couple are seeking counseling isn't news.

The news is that they are getting that counseling from Scientology's center, and what that counseling entails.

According to Dr. Stephen Kent, “Scientology does not accept
any other form of marriage counseling. They believe that marriage problems are
all a matter of a breakdown in communication and the way to improve a marriage
is to undergo sessions with a Scientology counselor using an E-met.” The E-meter
is a form of a lie detector test that’s supposed to register thought patterns.
The source insisted, “Katie will do whatever it takes to keep the marriage
stable. So she’ll be open to Scientology counseling sessions.”
Meanwhile it is being reported by MSNBC that she is making secret attempts to get back to her previous life. The website reports that she has been talking to family and old friends and even meeting with Catholic Priests. This is contrary to her husbands well known Scientology beliefs.

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