Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lohan's Hacked E-mails

Hackers claim to have worked their way into the Google/Blackberry/MySpace accounts for Lindsay Lohan. A couple of the pictures that have been circulating on the net, show that the mood between the Hollywood starlett crowd may be far less than friendly. In one of the e-mails from Lohan to Hilton, Lohan attacks Hilton for hanging out with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, and claims that they are out to get her.

In this e-mail Lohan claims that Perez has been giving Hilton special attention, while going out of his way to make Lohan sound like she is crazy. It is true that Perez and Hilton have a relationship that is about as appropriate as Maria Bartiromo and Todd Thomson. It has been pointed out by other sources that his coverage of Hilton is slanted, it should be remember that Perez is a blogger with no journalistic training.

This e-mail is in regards to the relationship that Paris Hitlon had with Travis Barker, while he was having troubles with his wife Shana Moakler. The tension between them was high, and resulted in Moakler attacking Hilton in a night club.

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