Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Way News - Obama Addresses Question of Experience

My Way News - Obama Addresses Question of Experience

There has been talk in the media about democratic candidates moving towards Al Sharpton as a way to win over the black vote. I think that this is a risky move, because Sharpton is such a strong character, and I think a lot of people harbor some distrust for him and his politics.

My number one fear in moving towards Sharpton is that he is a black leader, even more so than Jesse Jackson. He is a leader that is only concerned with issues that relate to the black community, and he has that right and he does it well. However I think America is ready to move beyond a politics of race, and that means that the next president can't be a black president - maybe a president that is black.

America has been torn apart by this racial separation and it is time to set it behind us. However electing a person because they are black is just as bad as electing a person because they are white. I think that Obama has some strong ideas and in a couple years could develop some strong leadership skills. I think that this is not the election that he should be running in, that he would fare better waiting and showing himself in his senate seat.

Al Sharpton may have won the battle in the Imus controversy, but even as people bend to his will I think it is with a bitter taste in their mouth. His politics his a relic of the past, and it needs to be put away. I may be overly optimistic about this, but in the young generation, I don't believe race is as much of an issue.

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