Sunday, June 3, 2007

Splash News Online

"The wife of the man who flew across the world with a deadly strain of TB
says she will never forgive herself if a fellow passenger dies after catching
the disease.
In an exclusive TV interview newlywed Sarah Speaker broke down
and cried as she told the world she was sorry.
She said on Good Morning
America: “I don’t know what I would say to that person if they tested positive.
“I’m praying very much that nobody else obviously tests positive.
couple explained how Andrew was diagnosed with TB in January 2007, a month after
he proposed to his wife. They insist that when they agreed to travel to Europe
for their wedding and honeymoon US health officials did not tell him he would be
a risk to others if he traveled.
The interview took place in the National
Jewish Hospital in Denver, Colorado where the Atlanta, Georgia resident is being
quarantined and treated."

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