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The Strata-Sphere » Blog Archive » The Surge Is Massive, And Intense

The Strata-Sphere » Blog Archive » The Surge Is Massive, And Intense:

"Operation Phantom Thunder, the name of the overarching operation to secure
the Baghdad Belts, is now in its fifth day. As noted yesterday, Phantom Thunder
is a corps-level operation, with multiple U.S. and Iraqi divisions engaged on
multiple fronts. Iraqi Security Forces and Multinational Forces Iraq are engaged
in intense fights in four main theaters: Baghdad proper, and the belts regions
consisting of Diyala and southern Salahadin provinces to the north, northern
Babil province to the south, and eastern Anbar province to the west of Baghdad.
The fighting has been the most intense in the city of Baqubah, the provincial
capital of Diyala."

Looks like our soldiers in Iraq are making success. Here is my prediction. I think that IF the Iraq war can be turned into a success, the democrats will take credit for it. Everyone of them, starting with Hillary, on down the line. The logic will be twisted and ugly, but basically they will say that it was the pressure that they brought to table gave the war the final push it needed. I don't think the administration is after the oil in Iraq, and I think that once our troops are no longer needed, they will come home and Iraq will control its own oil. Democrats will take credit for this too, claiming that it was their oversight that kept the administration from taking advantage of Iraqi oil.

I think that some of you understand the point I am working towards here, and while I am talking about the Democratic party it could as easily be the Republicans. IF the war in Iraq is a failure, the blame will be pushed off on the Democrats by the Republicans. It is the reverse of what leadership is supposed to be about, a leader takes no credit for the success of a mission, and all the blame for the failure. The political system as it is now, leaders take no blame and all of the success.

Once again, where I stand on the war, I think it is in the best interests of Iraq and America that the most that we can is done to make it a secure country.

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