Wednesday, July 25, 2007

celebrity nation: Julia to receive film honors

celebrity nation: Julia to receive film honors:

"Julia Roberts will receive the 22nd annual American Cinematheque award this
fall. The non-profit organization unanimously chose the Pretty Woman to receive
the award, which has previously been granted to Nicole Kidman, George Clooney,
Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise and Martin Scorsese. 'Julia Roberts is a true movie
star who has delighted audiences and critics in so many pictures,' a rep for the
cinema-arts group said. The award will be presented on October 12 in Beverly

Julia Dear, while I haven't always been a big fan of your movies, Hollywood needs you now. Please Julia, don't you see that condition Hollywood is in, what it needs and what we need is an actress with grace and style. You see that Lohan is going down in a storm of denials and charges, and Hilton is rubbing uglies with a dirt bag. We miss you smile, we miss your charm, we miss that you were sober and you didn't expose your baby maker to the whole world like Britney Spears. Won't you come back.

Ohhh, congrats on the honor by the way.

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