Wednesday, July 25, 2007

OK! Magazine wimped out

OK! Magazine wimped out:

"Despite an assertion this week from the editor in chief of OK! Magazine
that they would run the “career-ending” photos of Britney Spears, the magazine
hit newsstands today without the photos and without the interview they conducted
with her last week. Odd, huh?"

You know I would like to point out at the junction that while the rest of the blogs were still in a fit about the picture and the interview that would be in OK magazine, I had informed my readers that it wasn't going to be. This sounds like a giant publicity stunt on the part of OK magazine, believing if they got enough people to think that there was a scandal in the story they would read it. It is a whole lot easier to lie and attempt to create a scandal than to actually find one. How about her relationship with her mother, and her kids, and Kevin.... even Alli.

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