Sunday, July 29, 2007

lgf: Kos and MoveOn Harass Fox News Advertisers

lgf: Kos and MoveOn Harass Fox News Advertisers:

"NEW YORK - Liberal activists are stepping up their campaign against Fox News
Channel by pressuring advertisers not to patronize the network., the Campaign for America’s Future and liberal blogs like are asking thousands of supporters to monitor who is advertising on
the network. Once a database is gathered, an organized phone-calling campaign
will begin, said Jim Gilliam, vice president of media strategy for Brave New
Films, a company that has made anti-Fox videos.
The groups have successfully pressured Democratic presidential candidates not to appear at any debate sponsored by Fox, and are also trying to get Home Depot Inc. to stop advertising there"

The reason I keep covering this story, and the reason I will continue to cover it is the real fears I think this has for the nature of debate in this country. Being thrown into the political debate is not something that most corporations are comfortable with, and many of them will choose to take their funding away from all political conversations as a way of avoiding public attack.

The end result is that you have companies on the left, and labor unions and other groups that are willing to support the message of the left, that will put their funding behind those messages. The same will be true on the right, with corporations that are willing to support the message of the right supporting the vehicles of those messages. The thing that it seems many are blind to right now, is that this attack while it was started by Bill O'Reilly, is being heavily promoted on the left. The left has the most to lose in this struggle, who do you think the giant companies are going to support, the people who want to give them tax breaks or the people who want to regulate them. I think the left is painting itself into a corner that it is going to regret later. (It should be noted that it isn't even the left as a whole, or the right as a whole that are engaged in this, but the damage will effect both as a whole.)

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