Sunday, July 29, 2007

Michael Moore's New Health Care Solution: Coercion |

Michael Moore's New Health Care Solution: Coercion

"“The way this works is, anytime they give you any grief – your insurance
company or whatever – you just whip this out and you say, ‘How would you like to
be in Michael Moore’s next movie or on the DVD of ‘SiCKO’?’ and … you know, it
says right here this card, if denied coverage, we’ll provide you coverage in a
Michael Moore film,” said Moore. "

This is silly and would fall apart as soon as it got started if it were ever attempted in mass. It doesn't take a genius to understand that Michael Moore is one person. One fat person who doesn't have enough cameras, enough time or enough energy to cover every person who finds them self in a disagreement with their coverage. I think Moore is getting blinded by his belief in is own power, which isn't nearly as great as he imagines.

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