Saturday, September 29, 2007

Media Matters - AP misrepresented context of Limbaugh "phony soldiers" comment

Media Matters - AP misrepresented context of Limbaugh "phony soldiers" comment:

"A September 28 Associated Press article about comments made by Rush
Limbaugh on his September 26 radio show -- in which, as documented by Media
Matters for America, he called service members who advocate U.S. withdrawal from
Iraq "phony soldiers" -- reported: "In a transcript of Thursday's show posted on
his Web site, Limbaugh said the comment followed a discussion of Jesse Macbeth,
who was sentenced to five months in prison earlier this month for collecting
more than $10,00 [sic] in benefits to which he was not entitled." In fact, the
"phony soldiers" comment did not "follow a discussion of Jesse Macbeth";
Limbaugh did not mention MacBeth on the September 26 radio show until 1 minute
and 50 seconds after his "phony soldiers" comment, as Media Matters noted."

This isn't overwhelming evidence, but it is enough to raise the doubt that he was talking about a soldier who was a phony. Not making a statement about all soldiers who disagree with him about the war. I don't know what side to believe in this, and don't believe that it makes much difference.

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