Saturday, September 29, 2007

News Hounds: Boulder High Student Responds To Bill O'Reilly's Recent Attack On His School

News Hounds: Boulder High Student Responds To Bill O'Reilly's Recent Attack On His School:

"Let’s start with the basics. Right off the bat, O’Reilly is off in reporting
that Student Worker’s case revolves around the assertion that the phrase “Under
God” is offensive. As I understand it, the core argument presented by Student
Worker is that the pledge disrupts the learning experience and takes away from
class time. This stance requires a bit of explanation, as it has raised a few
eyebrows due to the fact the Student Worker’s protest takes an equal amount of
time. Under Colorado law, the Pledge of Allegiance must be made available for
recitation during school hours. Up until this year, however, the Pledge was
recited before school in the auditorium and could be optionally attended by any
student who felt so inclined. This year, however, the Pledge has been moved to
the beginning of second period. Although participation is still optional,
Student Worker feels that this new policy imposes the Pledge on students who are
opposed to recitation, disagree with the phrase under god, or would simply
rather be studying (I have second period anatomy/physiology, and I can say from
experience that it’s hard to feel patriotic when you’re up to your elbows in a
cat dissection). Student Worker is also worried that the Pledge will be
trivialized in the eyes of those who do wish to recite it by the vast majority
of students who simply ignore the recitation and remain seated. Based on the
above arguments, Student Worker’s goal was to move the pledge from being
broadcasted over the intercom during second period to an optional recitation in
the auditorium during lunch hours, not the removal of the phrase “under god” or
recitation of the pledge itself completely. Of course, O’Reilly failed to
mention any of this. "

Bill O is kind of like an old dog. He gets stuck on things, and doesn't move on. That can be a good thing, but in this case it just seems silly. He has been stuck on the city of Boulder for sometime now. A number of stories from The Factor have featured Boulder, and done so in a biased light. Common Bill, move on.

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