Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jessica Simpson Hopes to Star in Remake of "Pretty Woman"

Jessica Simpson Hopes to Star in Remake of "Pretty Woman":

"This has to be a joke. Straight to DVD queen Jessica Simpson hopes to gain
credibility as an actress by starring in a remake of 'Pretty Woman.'"

First of all, they are remaking that movie, it just came out last year.... oh wait nevermind. Really though, do we need a remake of that movie?

Ok, on to Jessica, while I am not a big fan of Julia Roberts, she has talent, something Jessica doesn't. It wasn't the role in that movie that made her a star, she was a star and people saw it in that role. If Jessica was a star, we would have seen it by now.

Last thing, Jessica, think about it - playing a hooker. Doesn't that make you a character actress after you turned Daisy Duke into a slut.

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