Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Every breath you take, they'll be watching you...

This could be a good thing for law enforcement and the public. There are doubtlessly circumstances where police are wrongly accused for taking actions that were reasonable. As the clip below points out, it could serve to keep officer behavior in line, knowing it will be on camera.

However, an important tool that isn't mentioned in the story is a citizen police review board. It is easy for a group of officers to sit around and justify what others might see as abusive behavior. What is needed is a group of citizens, who can review the video, and respond to complaints. Such a body removed from the structure of the department is less likely to overlook abuse, and will give citizens a real feeling police work for them, not to control them.
clipped from www.csmonitor.com

In many cases, the mere presence of the camera can change the interaction between police and the public. “Just the awareness of being recorded [means officers are] a little more careful they are maintaining policy,” Mr. Fergus says.

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