Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The poor pay the most

No matter what the nature of loss, either natural disaster or acts of terrorism and war, it is always the poor that pay the most. The rich have more insulation in the form of greater resources, often more dispersed in the economy and geographically. A poor person has one house, a rich person may have multiple houses, more likely to be insured against loss. The poor also don't have the same means of escaping danger as the rich do. They can't flee the country, they can't fly away on a plane, or speed away in their cars.
clipped from www.csmonitor.com

On Tuesday, the latest Taliban bomb went off in Peshawar, killing three. The Taliban targets upscale buildings and neighborhoods, but many of the injured – and those hit hardest economically by the bombings in Pakistan – are the poor.

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