Thursday, July 19, 2007

For Harry Potter, Good Old-Fashioned Closure - New York Times

For Harry Potter, Good Old-Fashioned Closure - New York Times:

"Harry’s journey will propel him forwards to a final showdown with his
archenemy, and also send him backwards into the past, back to the house in
Godric’s Hollow where his parents died, to learn about his own family history
and the equally mysterious history of Dumbledore’s family. At the same time, he
will be forced to ponder the equation between fraternity and independence, free
will and fate, and to come to terms with his own frailties and those of others.
Indeed, ambiguities proliferate throughout “The Deathly Hallows”: we are made to
see that kindly Dumbledore, sinister Severus Snape and perhaps even awful Muggle
cousin Dudley Dursley may be more complicated than they initially seem, that all
of them, like Harry himself, have hidden aspects to their personalities, and
that choice — more than talent or predisposition — matters most of all."

While some some have been critical of the New York Times for getting their hands on an early edition of the book and writing a review for it. The review that they do write is very good, and it doesn't give away the ending. Click the link for the full review.

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