Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jennifer Aniston Moving To England?

I’m Not Obsessed: Jennifer Aniston Moving To England?

"Jennifer Aniston is
reportedly all set to quit Hollywood and move to the UK to be nearer to her
British boyfriend, Paul Sculfor. That’s right, according to the latest
rumors, it seems Paul is homesick and Jen wants to escape the media and LA by
moving across the pond."

Jenn sweetie, think this over. Remember when you moved to Chicago for that man, did that make things work out between you? No, you were just further from your friends and Brad Pitt's family, oops, I mean your family. If you are moving across the pond for a relationship with a man who is using you for fame, it won't work out. If you are moving to get away from the press you should talk to Sienna Miller about how well that might work out, or ask Madonna. Well, at least you can still sell us water right?

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