Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Romney, Giuliani Announce Their Numbers

Captain's Quarters: Romney, Giuliani Announce Their Numbers

"Republican Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign reported an estimated $15
million in primary election contributions from April through June and Mitt
Romney trailed closely behind with $14 million raised. ...
Overall, Giuliani saw an increase in his fundraising over the first quarter, when he reported
nearly $16 million in contributions. About $1 million of that sum was for the
general election."

The field is still very crowded and with an unknown sitting off stage waiting to make an entrance I think a lot of donors may be waiting for the race to settle before staking their interests. A couple days ago I posted about how Ron Paul was falling behind in the money race, and it wasn't because of his ranking compared with the other candidates, it is because the amount of cash that he has raised is not enough to wage a campaign for the White House. All the candidate to some degree are thus falling behind in the money race, it just so happens that Paul is farther back than the rest of them, well he is beating McCain.

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Anonymous said...

When all the 2nd quarter fundraising numbers are published (by July 15), I think you'll find that Ron Paul raised more money second quarter than all bu the top three candidates, and has more cash on hand than all but the top two.

Paul has a quite a ways to go to catch up with the top media-annointed candidates, but he is out-fundriaising all the other candidates.

Steve Dasbach


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