Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lindsay Lohan turns to Machiavelli - The Superficial -

Lindsay Lohan turns to Machiavelli - The Superficial -

"'It changed my life. I didn't have a good grip on it and I needed to get my
shit together. I was going out too much and I had too much pressure on my
shoulders. I was not that happy and I needed to go to that place to be happy. If
I get stressed out I say a serenity prayer. I meditate too. I was going out with
someone and they said I should read Machiavelli and I was like, 'nah', and then
I was, 'OK, I'll read it' and now it is always with me.'"

This is interesting reading material for the young star, I would see this as something that Angelina would be more likely to be reading. I have read the Prince, and maybe I should read it again because I don't see how it is a self help book.

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