Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ABC News: Cops Busted by Own Tapes:

ABC News: Cops Busted by Own Tapes:

"From shootouts caught by dashboard cameras to high-speed chases,
police confrontations caught on video are a huge spectator sport on the Web.
Originally, these videos were meant to help prosecute criminals, but now that
the public can view them with a single click, police are beginning to realize
that anyone can become judge and jury in just an instant — even the police

While this might not be popular with some cops, I think that this is good for the public. One it gives them a window into the daily struggles that police officers face. It also gives them a way to see for themselves the actions that police are taking to protect them. Both actions that are heroic and actions that are far less so. While I understand that it means more stress for the officers, it even helps them in some cases. If a suspect claims to have been beaten in custody, but in on camera attacking on officer it helps to defeat the suspects claim.

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