Friday, September 7, 2007

Is Yahoo!-Microsoft Still Alive?

Is Yahoo!-Microsoft Still Alive?

Rumors of the Day: In a note on Yahoo! this morning, Bear Stearns named the
stock a "Top Pick" and said Microsoft may still be interested in the company.
The firm also said Yahoo! may gain 78 cents per share from a planned IPO for, a Chinese ecommerce company in which Yahoo! owns a 40% stake.
Yahoo! shares jumped $1.24 to $23.97, while Microsoft was up 19 cents at $28.92.

What would a deal like this look like, and would it even work. They have so many over lapping resources, would that mean that some would be eliminated? Can the two very different business cultures work together? I have too many doubts about a deal like this to think that it could work.

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