Friday, September 14, 2007

lgf: Islamic Countries Denounce Freedom of Expression

lgf: Islamic Countries Denounce Freedom of Expression:

"The Organization of the Islamic Conference, infamous for its antisemitic
statements and tacit support for terrorism, and comprised of nations with
absolutely abysmal records on human rights, where freedom of religion is utterly
nonexistent, wants the world to de-link Islam from terrorism. They’re not
talking about stopping the actual terrorism, of course—just “de-linking” the
word “terror” from Islam. They want the West to give up that pesky “free speech”
thing, and stop offending Muslims. The same old drill."

If they want those words to no longer be connected, then they need to take strong action to stop terrorists that use Islam as a cover. They need to stop terrorists who act in their name, work from their countries and share their faiths. If they want the west to stop thinking about Islam and terror as connected ideas, they have to take action to show the world that they are not connected.

Unless the fact is that they are connected.

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