Friday, September 14, 2007

Russian warplanes breach NATO airspace -

Russian warplanes breach NATO airspace -

"LONDON (AP) — British and Norwegian jets intercepted Russian military aircraft
Friday after they breached NATO airspace close to the U.K. and Finland, defense
officials said. Finland's Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen demanded an explanation
from Moscow over the violation of Finnish airspace, the latest in a spate of
recent incursions."

What kind of game is Russia trying to play with the west. It recently tested a new bomb as well. The world has had one cold war, and that was one too many. Russia cannot win a cold or a hot war against the west, if it goes nuclear we all lose. What does Russia gain by reverting to these cold war tricks? It isn't going to improve its relationship with the EU or NATO. These two relationships are very important to the success of Russia in the future. Russia has a lot to lose playing these games, and nothing to win except a marginal national pride.

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