Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ABC News: Accused Rapist: 'I Was Sleepwalking':

ABC News: Accused Rapist: 'I Was Sleepwalking':

"Like walking, eating or driving in your sleep, sleep sex or 'sexsomnia' is a
rare, but real, phenomenon, experts told ABCNEWS.com. Ecott, whose regular
sleepwalking in the air force earned him the nickname Night Rider, said after an
evening of heavy drinking at a birthday party, he passed out along with several
other guest on an air mattress set up in his friend's living room. "

The way I see it, he knew that he had a problem, he did not get help. He should have known that alcohol could be a trigger, and if he did, he should have been more careful about drinking. If you have a disease like this, you are responsible to understand the disease as much as you can. You are responsible to seek treatment or take other steps to protect the public. This man did not take these steps, and for that I think he should be found guilty. Reckless Endangerment if nothing else.

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