Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bushies to Label Iran Guards a “Terrorist Organization,” | Air America Radio

Bushies to Label Iran Guards a “Terrorist Organization,” Air America Radio:

"The United States is prepared to declare Iran’s armed forces a terrorist
organization. The Revolutionary Guard Corps is the largest branch of Iran’s
military and if the United States goes through with what it is prepared to do,
this would be the first time an armed force of a sovereign nation would be
labeled a terrorist group. "

I don't know that this is a good step, while the news shows are talking about war with Iran, it isn't the simple. I have written about this before, and I think it is clear. A war with Iran would increase the violence in Iraq, probably not only against Americans but Sunni's. They would turn to their fellow believers in Saudi Arabia for assistance. Iran could either directly attack Israel, or it could attack it through groups associated with it in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories - or it could do both. Afghanistan is already is a weak state, a supply of arms across the border from Iran could make the situation there worse. Would Iran work with its Sunni enemies in Afghanistan - yes, I think so. Pakistan could set fire just from the heat in the region, it is already ready to boil over. The Kurds which live in Iraq, Iran and Turkey could take the general stability of the region as a chance to create their own homeland, which would draw Turkey into conflict. It is just a bad idea, even when you think about the broader alliances of Russia and China, steps they might take. China needs oil to keep growing, might it strike a deal with Iran?

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