Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Open Houses: Jurors Spend A Day At The Spector Mansion - Defamer

Open Houses: Jurors Spend A Day At The Spector Mansion - Defamer:

"Jurors in the Phil Spector trial are soon expected to hear testimony from Devra
Robitaille, the fifth witness who'll testify that Spector had held them at
gunpoint when they threatened to leave his Alhambra mansion--sort of like the
Playboy Mansion, but with fewer big parties, more acts of violence against
women, and about an equal amount of obscenely rich, eccentric, and horny old
proprietors wandering around. Earlier today, the jurors got a look at the crime
scene itself."

I was reading Dominick Dunne's column in Vanity Fair and in it he says that the gun was found by Lana's left foot. If she had shot herself, since she is right handed it should have been found by her right foot. Just another small detail in the story that in my opinion points to Phil being guilty. The jurors got a tour of what everyone is calling a castle, so they could see the crime scene themselves.

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