Thursday, August 30, 2007

David Beckham’s Latest Injury Could End

David Beckham’s Latest Injury Could End

"“It’s just gone from one thing to another thing. Maybe it is a sign to give ita
rest, get it right and not come back until it is right,” Beckham toldreporters
after the game which the Galaxy lost on penalties. A Galaxy spokesmansaid
Beckham had suffered a sprain to his right knee while the midfielderindicated
the injury could be more serious."

Could Victoria end up being the sole bread winner in the family. Without his soccer, can he do acting? A reality show about a soccer player trying to heal from an injury. I say that as a joke, and of course someone might read it and think - thats a great idea. Hopefully he can stay in the game, it is more than money it is what his life is about.

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