Thursday, August 30, 2007

NBC Refuses to Air Ads Supporting Iraq War Funding

NBC Refuses to Air Ads Supporting Iraq War Funding

I have a very important mission for all of you. Our good friend’s at Freedom’s
Watch are running a $15 million ad buy calling on the American public to tell
members of Congress to support full funding of the war in Iraq. These ads are
extremely powerful testimonials from veterans and their family members, some of
whom lost loved ones in the war. Naturally, the mainstream media is criticizing
the conservative organization for their message and their successful fundraising
for this project, and I guess that’s to be expected. But instead of simply
reporting on the issue at hand, NBC is outright refusing to air these pro-Iraq
war ads on MSNBC or CNBC.

The station has the right to refuse to run the ads as long as it is not running ads against the war. I am not sure that is the case or not. I understand the concern that is being voiced by this group, and I think that NBC is taking the wrong step in this. While the station could argue that they are attempting to stay out of a heated political debate, that is a weak argument. MSNBC runs Count Down with Keith Olbermann, a show that has consistently been against Bush and the war. Again the station has the right to run that show, and I support Olbermann's right to have the kind of news show that he wants.

In the end this is the wrong move because Americans are going to wonder, if this is being blocked from the air, what else is being blocked?

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