Thursday, August 30, 2007

Edwards On Track in Iowa - TIME

Edwards On Track in Iowa - TIME:

"John Edwards is betting that a strong showing in the Iowa caucuses will
catapult him into national contention, and so far his strategy in the state is
on track. A new TIME poll of likely Iowa caucus goers, taken a week after
Edwards' seven-day, 31-stop bus tour of the state, gives Edwards 29% of the
vote, five points ahead of Hillary Clinton and seven ahead of Barack Obama. This
latest TIME Poll of 519 likely Iowa Democratic caucus goers finds that, among
the so-called 'second-tier' candidates, Bill Richardson has 11%, with Joe Biden
at 5%, Dennis Kucinich with 2%, and Chris Dodd at 1%. (The Poll was conducted
August 22 � 25, 2007. The margin of error is approximately +/- 5 percentage
points.) "

I really hope that Edwards doesn't win the nomination. I don't think that he will win the general election. Americans don't buy the concept of class warfare, it has never worked, and it is one of the key strategies of his campaign. Edwards doesn't carry himself life a president, he doesn't have a connection to Americans that allows them to trust him as president.

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