Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Loves Rehab |

Lindsay Lohan Loves Rehab :

"Sources inside the facility say that Lindsay attends12-step every day as well
as other meetings, talks with psychiatrists and psychologists, and receives
“other medical treatment.” She is not in a private room; she has two roommates.
She spends time during the day and night washing dishes, cleaning toilets and
doing laundry. Doctors at the facility say she has been cooperative from the
get-go. As for the woman making the allegations, there are two facilities at
Cirque — The Lodge and The Studio. We’re told Lindsay and the woman were at
different facilities and there was only a short overlap. We’re told the woman
dropped out of the program days after Lindsay arrived, “against medical advice.”
Several doctors described the woman as “a problem.” We’re told the only way the
woman could have even seen Lindsay was at group meetings — she was never in a
position to even see Lindsay’s accommodations."

This is counter to the story being told other outlets that Lindsay has been a trouble maker and refused to follow the rules. Lindsay has a long way to go before this is all going to be over, and I hope for her sake that she is working with the system and not against it. She faces a number of charges, and her life is only going to be harder if she fights it.

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