Monday, September 10, 2007

A Blog For All: Clinton's Hsu's To Lose?

A Blog For All: Clinton's Hsu's To Lose?:

"Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign announced tonight that it
would return approximately $850,000 to about 260 donors who had been recruited
or tapped by Norman Hsu, the disgraced Clinton campaign fundraiser who recently
fled arrest and is now under investigation for his fundraising practices. The
Clinton campaign also disclosed tonight that it had decided to begin running
criminal background checks on its bundlers — the dozens of individuals who raise
hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors on behalf of a candidate, as Mr.
Hsu had done for Mrs. Clinton. A Clinton adviser said that “vigorous additional
vetting” of the bundlers, including the criminal checks, would begin this week,
and that the campaign was hiring additional staff for that purpose."

Dirty money is like ink from a pen. Once it gets on your hands, washing it removes most of the stain, but there is some that remains for a while. Hilary is going to have to work hard to over come this stumble in her campaign. I am impressed by this step, but she will have to do more. People want to know that she isn't returning the money just because she got caught, but because she didn't know.

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