Monday, September 10, 2007

Daily Kos: Dodd throws down gauntlet to Obama

Daily Kos: Dodd throws down gauntlet to Obama:

"While we are glad that Senator Obama has called for a change of course in Iraq,
he isn't clear as to what he will do to make that happen, or when. Rhetoric and
highly nuanced statements are not going to end this war -- strong leadership and
clarity will. That's why Chris Dodd has said that he cannot support the reported
Levin-Reed measure if it does not have a firm and enforceable deadline. We urge
Senator Obama, and all the other candidates in the Senate, to state clearly and
directly whether or not they will support Iraq legislation if it does not
include a firm, enforceable deadline to begin and complete the redeployment of
troops from Iraq. "

War always divides the nation. I think that many of the Democrats are making a mistake by so firmly and loudly proclaiming a solid stand on the war. The best position I have seen regarding the war has been Joe Biden - if you over look the fact that he wants to cut Iraq up.

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