Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Blogging the Qur’an

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Blogging the Qur’an:

"This will be a weekly feature — to be posted every Sunday at Hot Air — with
within-post updates as warranted. I intend this to be a participatory
exploration of the Qur’an — a two-way conversation. Thus I welcome feedback and
criticism in the comments section, in e-mail correspondence, and on other blogs,
and will answer questions and respond to the most thoughtful comments,
criticism, and challenges. Next week: chapter one, the Fatiha, the most
important prayer in Islam."

Just a little bit more about this, it sounds like a good experience and a great way to gain knowledge and understanding of Islam. I hope that he is able to maintain that balance and allow the book to speak to the readers of the blog, while explaining it but not packaging it.

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