Sunday, May 27, 2007

I’m Not Obsessed

I’m Not Obsessed:

Rosie would like you to know:

"that she is OK now
how she hates looking at the split screen
how she
wished The View team was more like how a Broadway show crew interacts - “cover
each other”
her last pre-taped show happens to be Elizabeth’s birthday
that she missed out saying goodbye to the staff and producers
moustache drawing
that she didn’t trash her dressing room "

I am glad that she is off the show, while I wish her well and hope that she can get a new project soon. I think that a solo show may work better for her, she does not play well with others. I was behind her for her feud with Trump, but when she started throwing the insults at Elisabeth instead of having and honest discussion I had to back away. I think there are probably a number of things that she needs to think about changing in her life.

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