Sunday, August 19, 2007

10 reasons why Paris Hilton is a business genius - Times Online

10 reasons why Paris Hilton is a business genius - Times Online
1. When she met the CEO of the Guess fashion line, she wooed him by recounting
an encyclopaedic knowledge of company’s history.

2. Parlux Fragrances have described her as “a marketers’ dream” and estimated that by signing up her to endorse a perfume range they tripled the company’s value.

3. She got paid $1million to fly to Austria, wave at a crowd and tell them she loves

4. She's lucky. When footage of her having sex leaked onto the internet, propelling her into the headlines, the silver lining was it's timing.

5. She's lucky more than once. In the week she published a book ‘written’ by her famous dog Tinkerbell, the chihuahua went missing for a few days, putting the book into the media spotlight.

6. She knows which opportunities to decline.

7. She's lauded by other businesspeople.

8. How many other ‘dumb blondes’ have seen their book spend five weeks on the New York Times best-seller list?

9. She was reportedly recently offered $1 million by The Learning Annex to teach a 60-minute class on “How to Build Your Brand.”

10. She admits that she encourages people to believe she is dumb and “laughs all the way to the bank” as a result.

Paris is more of a business person than she is given credit for.

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mike said...

There are times, when "The Stars align"...that for one reason or another,a person is propelled into the limelight.O.J Simpson.That num-nuts asian fellow from american idol who couldnt sing a note.Lindsy Gimmeahand Lohan.On and on.Companies need exposure.They glom onto that which is being "exposed"And Paris is in the public eye.So they offer her huge amounts to "pose" with their stuff.Perfume today.Flamethrowers tomorrow.They even let her talk once in a while.But guys.....a genius????It dont take no brains when you are offered a boatload of cash to do very little.The brains were owned and operated by her grand -pa.He built a huge company.His sons banged away at hot blonds.And we are fasinated by their proganie.People who have to be told to keep their mouths shut during a rain storm so they dont drown.The new american royalty.
on the plus side.Id do her in a minute.She seems sweet.Has great legs.And we can sell pictures of our kid eating poop to the organic growers of america for millions of dollars.And than my kid can be a genius too!


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