Sunday, August 19, 2007

Best of the Week...Gossip

Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » ANGELINA GIVES UP SNATCH FOR BRAD:

Would you give up your girl friends for a chance to have a relationship with Brad Pitt - Angelina did.

Joe Francis Complains about Hugh

Hey Joe in case you haven't heard, you are a bit of a whiner, and no one wants to be friends with a whiner. What do you expect Hef to do, stick his neck out for your lame ass, like your ass wouldn't be running the other way if the tables were turned.

A Socialite's Life: Anti-Christ To Be Published, Goldman Family Will Benefit

This book was sick when it was OJ and Judith Regan who were selling it. The fact that it is now the family of the victim that is selling it, doesn't make it any less sick in my book. It is good that they are going to get the money for the books sales, well at least better than OJ getting it. Selling a book to make money off the murder of a relative, sounds like America.

Cameron Diaz and John Mayer

Ok, so is he shared the love with a sugary pop tart, or is he sharing the love with a sour tart of an actress. Maybe he is splitting his time between the two, everyone likes that sweet and sour sauce right? I think both the rumors are doubtful though.

First Daughter Jenna Bush is

Maybe Bush can plug him into one of the openings that he has in his staff. Honestly though, congrats to Jenna and the family, I wish them the best of luck with their new life.

celebrity nation: Is Ryan upset about Jake?

I don't see how he has any room to be upset. He was the one who broke up the relationship by getting some on the side. Jake is a great guy, its not like Reese is dating some bum. She is a beautiful womyn, there is no reason he should expect that she wouldn't move on with her life.

Lily Allen Postpones U.S. Concerts Over Visa - Lily Allen :

Sounds like the rumors of visa trouble were true. Common let the kung-foo princess come to America, who is she going to hurt. Photographers? Hopefully this all gets worked out.

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