Sunday, August 19, 2007 » Science catches up with PoliPundit » Science catches up with PoliPundit:

"It sounds counterintuitive, but burning oil and planting forests to compensate
is more environmentally friendly than burning biofuel. So say scientists who
have calculated the difference in net emissions between using land to produce
biofuel and the alternative: fuelling cars with gasoline and replanting forests
on the land instead"

Bio-Fuels at the end of the day are not a sustainable solution. At some point in the future new technology make change the dynamics of bio-fuels to make them more efficient but right now they are not. You put almost as much energy into ethanol as you get out of it, which is not a good sign of sustainability. The side effects make ethanol even less appealing. Everything from increased land usage to produce more ethanol, to increases in food prices as corn is taken off the food market and giving more power to corporate farmers versus family farmers.

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