Sunday, August 19, 2007

lgf: More Nukes for Pakistan:

lgf: More Nukes for Pakistan:

"ISLAMABAD: After the finalization of nuclear deal between India and the United
States, Pakistan has decided to accelerate the development of its nuclear and
missile program and President Pervez Musharraf and the government in this regard
have issued directives to the scientists and engineers of the country. Military
sources said that Pakistan in the time to come would continue the testing of new
missiles. Reliable sources further told Online that in the meeting of National
Command and Control Authority, the matter of disturbance of strategic balance
after Indo-US deal was discussed in detail and it was decided that Pakistan
would continue the development of its nuclear and missile programme. The work on
Khushab reactor would be speedup while new nuclear reactors would also be
installed which number in range of four to five."

I think this is a bigger concern and a more pressing threat to our security than Iran.

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