Sunday, August 19, 2007

Seattle Times Editor Scolds Staffers For Cheering Rove Resignation |

Seattle Times Editor Scolds Staffers For Cheering Rove Resignation

"It seems that some folks at the Seattle Times got a bit giddy when they heard
news of Karl Rove's resignation. The paper's David Postman clarified in an
August 14 'Postman on Politics' blog post that while it 'sounds like a
conservative's parody of how a news meeting would be run... It was only a couple
of people who cheered [Rove's resignation] and they, thankfully, are not among
the people who get a say in news play.' Nevertheless, Postman noted that
executive editor David Boardman has issued a warning to Seattle Times staff"

If I understand this right, the first amendment doesn't apply to journalists. Once you walk into the office of a news source as an employee you are not allowed to express your personal views. I just think this is silly, there is a clear difference between what is expressed off air/out of print and what is expressed on air and in print. Journalism is changing and the old school theory of objective journalism is getting weaker, I think that is a good thing. The new idea is that you take someone from each side, and allow them each to have their say. Journalist by nature are informed, educated, curious people and to expect that they don't have opinions is wrong. Would I support the same actions taken by a journalist on air, no. Inside the newsroom though there should be enough freedom of expression to cheer or boo.

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