Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Lost War -

The Lost War -

"Despite the presence of 35,000 NATO troops in Afghanistan, the drug trade
there is going gangbusters. According to the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime
(UNODC), Afghan opium production in 2006 rose a staggering 57 percent over the
previous year. Next month, the United Nations is expected to release a report
showing an additional 15 percent jump in opium production this year while
highlighting the sobering fact that Afghanistan now accounts for 95 percent of
the world's poppy crop"

While I am strongly against drug use, the drug war has been a total failure. There is little doubt that I could find any drug that I wanted, which means that the supply just is flowing - if not unhindered, unstopped. There isn't an easy solution to the drug problem, because every person who takes drugs, does so for their own reasons. You can't address the supply problem, without dealing with the demand side or vice verse. We have been waging a war against drugs in Columbia for years now, and cocaine is still readily available. How much money, and how many arms should we continue to throw at this problem with such little results.

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