Friday, August 31, 2007

The A(rea)-Team (X17 Online)

The A(rea)-Team (X17 Online):

"One of our videographers was posted up outside of Area last night when he
happened to notice a sight which we've been seeing more and more often lately -
the subpoena-delivery team who works for K-Fed's lawyer! Even the now-infamous
Israeli ex-commando Aaron Cohen made an appearance, watching over his team as
they watched the clubgoers making their way home. Unfortunately for Cohen and
his crew, service was a little slow last night - despite waiting for hours (and
passing the time by smoking cigarettes by the dozen), the team eventually packed
up and left without handing anyone any papers. The big question, then: just who
do you think they were at Area to serve?"

While I have no idea who they were planning on serving it did get me to thinking. Who would be next, who is a famous person, who was friends with Britney for a while, and with her and the kids at least a couple of times. A person who would make this drama even more intense by being served. Could it be that they are planing on serving Paris Hilton with papers? That could make this whole mess so big that it would collapse under its own weight. She has had a friendship with Britney, and as far as I know she has not been served yet.

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